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Are all the bikes at IAA damaged?

No. Although most bikes will have some physical damage, we also sell intact recovered thefts and repo units that have little or no damage.

Who can buy at IAA auctions?

IAA sells to both business and public buyers depending on the laws of each state in which we do business. Auctions that sell to public buyers are identified with a "P" on the auction list.

What does it cost to register?

IAA charges a $200 annual registration fee to all buyers. However, as a first-time buyer new to IAA, if you sign up through you get your 60-Day FREE Buyer's Pass. If you wish to remain a buyer after your first 60-Days, you may pay the registration fee then (you are under no obligation).

Can members of the public bid without being registered?

To bid directly, everyone must be registered. If you want to purchase as a public buyer in a restricted state, however, you can do so through a broker who will purchase on your behalf for a fee. See a list of registered brokers under the Services tab on our website.

How do I bid online?

After you register, you will receive a password to log in to the IAA website. Go to any auction, then select the I-bid LIVE℠ icon just before or during a scheduled auction to open the bid interface. Watch Video

How are Big Bad Bike Sales different from other IAA auctions?

Most IAA locations sell motorcycles weekly in their regular auctions. Our Big Bad Bike Sale locations, however, draw motorsports inventory from a greater area, consolidate larger numbers of bikes, and hold them for a mega-sale once a month. So Big Bad Bike Sale auctions offer you larger selection of motorcycles.

Who is Impact Auto Auctions?

Impact Auto Auctions is Insurance Auto Auctions' sister company in Canada. Even though we are part of the same family of companies, you must register with each company independently in order to bid in its auctions.

I have a bike I want to sell – can IAA auction it for me?

Yes! It's easy to sell your bike through IAA. You can set a minimum price ("reserve price") and we'll sell it for you at or above that price. Please contact the IAA location nearest you for details.

About IAA

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA) is a leading auction company selling vehicles from insurance companies, rental fleets, leasing companies and others. Our Motorsports Division sells bikes at our 160+ locations across North America, with monthly Big Bad Bike Sales at 34 branches.

We sell clear title, repairable, collision, recovered-theft, repo and salvage bikes, all for a fraction of their retail price. Motorcycle repair shops, dealers and bike enthusiasts buy bikes at IAA auctions, then repair and sell them. Interested buyers can preview bikes anytime online.

View bike inventory for sale at all 160+ IAA branches.